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Judge Paul Panepinto

The Honorable Paul P. Panepinto is currently a Judge in the Trial Division, Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia.

Judge Paul Panepinto

Judge Panepinto attended Villanova University on a full academic scholarship and earned his Bachelor’s in Political Science and Master’s in Political Science. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Widener University School of Law in 1976.

Judge Panepinto has twenty-four years of valuable experience as a Judge, and he is recommended by the PA Bar Association.  In 2015, the Bar Association reported, “The candidate is an experienced jurist, knowledgeable about the law and procedure.  He engages in community service and can meet the intellectual demands of a Supreme Court Justice.”

He believes in limited government and does not legislate from the bench.  His wealth of experience and proven track record are of the utmost importance for serving on the High Court, the decisions of which affect pertinent issues, such as education, family, election, criminal, and civil law.

Being a Judge is an awesome responsibility, and those who aspire to these posts deserve the utmost scrutiny.  Qualifications and experience are both very important, since we rely on our judicial system to interpret and apply the laws of our Commonwealth correctly in order to maintain justiceIt is also crucial for Supreme Court Justices to be independent and of the highest integrity.  Judge Panepinto is not beholden to political parties or their leaders.  Since being elected, he has been dedicated to public service and to the people to do the right thing throughout his career.

Judge Panepinto states:

During my judicial tenure, I have followed the rule of law and believe that our Constitution must be followed and respected for what it says.  Dedication to maintaining the integrity of our judicial system compels me to run for Supreme Court.


I would be honored to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.  Together, we can ensure that our court system provides justice for all, while remaining free of judicial activism and political considerations.


I humbly ask for your vote for Supreme Court Justice on November 3, 2015.


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